Character Cosmetics

We believe everyone has their character, a character that enables one’s inner self to shine. In a world where men and women are rubbing against their shoulders, we inspire women to get out there in this competitive world and own it, make a name for themselves, boosting confidence and characterizing their inner spirits, we curate unmatched palettes for daily or party, office or leisure. We have the vision to empower women by providing only the most highly pigmented, vibrant shades to create a bold and funky look. , Character Cosmetics that was created specially to cater to artists, in other words specializing in artist orientated products.
Character X FIFO, a collaboration between renowned MUA FIFO to showcase 24 gorgeous eyeshadow colors.

We created this brand in 2009 for make-up artists. Most of our products are curated and formulated in France. Our philosophy is to produce good quality products at a reasonable price for both make-up artists and customers. We always strive to create a new formula that is cruelty-free, vegan with minimum use of heavy metal as we never compromise on quality which is our secret to success.


  • We are currently retailing our product in UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Bahrain with a vision to expand in the Middle East.

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