Who We Are

Chairman, FMT Group

Mr. Hozefa Bohra

He is a visionary, whose mantra is simple: Quality Output and Authentic outreach is the only strategy behind any brand’s success. He never comes to the table without a plan in mind, and it is evident that all his creative plans have succeeded in the form of many remarkable marketing and advertising campaigns. His efforts have set the foundation for all makeup artists to be brand ambassadors themselves, thus widening the brand’s

M.D, FMT Group

Mr. Shabbir Bohra

He is a detailed-oriented researcher who always listens to the consumer’s needs. He has an adroit vision for colors and materials, which, along with his extensive product knowledge, makes him a highly-valued resource. Being the head of research, NPD, manufacturing, and packaging for the complete line of Forever52, he has proved that he is the ‘superhero’ of the brand. His vision has always been to provide high-quality, affordable products.

M.D, FMT Group

Mr. Zoeb Bohra

The youngest among the Bohra brothers, his superpower is being highly skilled with numbers. The head of international sales handles the whole sales team with a lot of grace and dexterity. His belief system is to build a good sales team on trust, passion, and a hunger to achieve targets. There is never a dull moment in the team, as he makes sure to motivate everyone and lead with fairness.

About Us

Welcome to FMT Group, your trusted partner in building and elevating brands across the Middle East and beyond. With two decades of dedicated service, we specialize in amplifying the commercial development of our clients, ensuring sustainable growth for their brands within the dynamic Middle Eastern market.
Our comprehensive services include expertise in Makeup & Color Cosmetics, Distribution, Sales Development, Logistics, Marketing, Digital, Communication, Recruitment, Training, and Management. As industry leaders, we are committed to crafting success stories and fostering enduring partnerships. Join us on this journey of growth and excellence.

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Our Partners In Middle East

Discover our brands showcased on esteemed and renowned platforms, establishing a presence in top-tier stores and recognized outlets. From Debenhams and Centrepoint in the UAE to Boutiqaat in Kuwait, Faces Beauty in the Middle East, and airports in KSA, our products grace the shelves of prestigious establishments. We take pride in partnering with these distinguished names, ensuring our beauty offerings are easily accessible to discerning customers worldwide.


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