Welcome to Daily Life Forever52, also known simply as Forever52, a distinguished German professional makeup brand with a global presence spanning 46 countries. Established in 2006, our headquarters are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our mission is to make women feel confidently beautiful, and we are dedicated to creating makeup that enhances beauty without any side effects.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the rigorous testing of most of our products, conducted in Germany, Paris, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, and the PRC before their release. Globally, Daily Life Forever52 continues to bring smiles to the faces of our customers.

Originating in the United Arab Emirates, Daily Life Forever52 has expanded its reach to more than 46 countries worldwide. Despite our global presence, we remain steadfast in our commitment to crafting makeup that accentuates natural beauty without any adverse effects.

Recognized as a must-have in every woman’s vanity, our biggest markets include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Iran. The brand gained immediate fame with its launch in India in 2018, filling a void in the market for a professional makeup brand with excellent value for money and innovative branding. Bridal artists across India embraced Forever52, becoming brand ambassadors and testifying to the brand’s efficacy. Today, Forever52 is a household name among bridal artists and makeup students in India, affectionately known as Forever52 by everyone who loves the brand. Join us on the journey to confident beauty with Daily Life Forever52.